Greetings from the shores of the Great Salt Lake in South Davis County, Utah. Doug, The JeepCruzer, is amateur operator WA7YZN.

I am fortunate to live, basically, on the benches east of the Great Salt Lake which gives me excellent line of sight to many local repeaters including the two most popular: UARC's 146.62 repeater on Farnsworth Peak and DCARC's 147.04 repeter on Antelope Island. I also have direct line of sight coverage to the West side of Salt Lake County, almost all of Davis County and much of South Weber County.

I am a member of the Davis County Amateur Radio Club (DCARC) and have enjoyed teaming up with other club members to volunteer at events like the Air Show at Hill Air Force Base.  Sometimes I also get the chance to attend Utah Amateur Radio Club (UARC) meetings.  In fact, my first radio contact was on UARC's 146.62 repeater with Gordon, K7HFV, and met him later that evening at the UARC club meeting.

I earned my amateur radio operators license on April 8, 2014. I was inspired by my father, the former WA7YZN, to get my license and join the amateur community. He became an amateur operator in the 70's, worked as a broadcast engineer at multiple radio stations and eventually used his radio experience building and managing public safety radio and telecommunications centers. Perhaps most notably, he made the world's first underwater radio broadcast. His carer and hobbies were filled by radio, and as a result, my life has been influenced by radio. Thus, becoming an amateur operator is the culmination of a lifetime of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

WA7YZN keeps a profile on QRZ.com.

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WA7YZN was formerly KG7KJG
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