Thursday, January 24, 2013

Centerville PD Phone Notification

I think all citizens and businesses. Because of the severity of the ice storm to. Please refrain, if possible, travel anywhere in the city. Be aware that all our city. Celltrex park out in working at this time. They're concentrating on the intersection and the bench. Please be patient because no trucks. Also have problems navigating in the hills. Be aware that has the roads are salt they are immediately freezing be cautious, garbage, pick up today. Thursday has been canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow. Can't think the weather conditions. We have been in fight, by the Davis County School District. That. There, You have no change in the school scheduled today school will follow up there normal schedules. Just reminder to please check on your neighbors who may need assistance. Thank you and be safe.

Cleck here to listen to orginal message

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