Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 141 - Project 366

I helped my dad make his move over to Utopia yesterday. It turned out pretty well. He's happy with the speeds (who wouldn't be at 94mbps) and the installation. I moved him to a 24 port HP ProCurve switch to go along with the new fiber optic hardware. He will likely never need 24 ports, but it's sure nice to have everything plugged into one big switch instead of several smaller switches. 

This unit is designed for rack mounting in a server room, and that's precisely what it sounds like when you pass by. Loud fans running 24/7, it's kinda cool if you ask me. The sound gives me goose bumps in the same way a throaty V8 does. When the day comes that he needs more capacity than 100mbs, we'll need to work on a new switch, but for now, this thing makes me feel like a real pro.

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