Thursday, June 18, 2009

Five Year Old At Heart

I wish I could say that after almost 32 years I would have overcome the childhood hangup of wanting to bring home and keep stray dogs. It appears however I can't say that. The dog pictured here is Harley, a yellow lab mix that seemed to be the model for "Doug the Dog" from "Up" - right down to the bushy tail.

When the big dog invited himself into the yard, we checked his collar and found that all but the registration tag had snapped off. We decided the best course was to walk around the neighborhood with him, trying to find someone who was trying to find a Dog. We didn't have success, in fact all I succeeded in doing was realize what a well behaved and even tempered dog we had found and convince Emma that the dog really wanted to stay with us.

Since our walk was fruitless we called animal control and tracked down the owners (who were away for the day.) We told them we would keep Harley safe until they picked him up. Harley enjoyed the afternoon in the shade of the backyard, Emma enjoyed cuddling the enormous furrball, and I enjoyed the brief fantasy that I had a great dog.

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