Thursday, September 27, 2007

Corona Thrice

That's right. Master Chief recruited me to the cause so Tuesday Morning I rushed out and brought Halo 3. I am in agrement with the masses, it's a great game: Outstanding detail, good gameplay and the matting to the X360 OS and Xbox Live makes this the supreme Halo. The quality of the game isn't the most satisfying part of this purchase though. What makes this game the most worthwhile is the time I forced myself to set aside in order to experience it. The fun of the game made me harken back to the days of yore when the first Halo sucked me into endless nights of sintilating game play. It's hard to find time to game these days, so having a reason to take time to play a game that is truly deserving of the time devoted to it makes me realize what a simple pleasure video games can sometimes be.

If you want to toss a few grenades back and forth look for me on XBox Live. Send a message to JeepCruzer and we'll see about starting up a game. You can also look up my gamer tag on the web: JeepCruzer.
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