Thursday, May 07, 2015

LaserDiscs and Roller Skates

I grew up with a LaserDisc player.  Such was my childhood.  When it came to movies on LaserDisc, Xanadu was a natural fit.  This prog-rock, jazz dance, 80's skating masterpiece was at home on that medium like none other.  A feature of LaserDisc hitherto unheard of that fit brilliantly with Xanadu was the ability to skip to chapters in the movie, allowing you to punch up your favorite track from the film and go straight to the rockin'.  It was before DVD, before Compact Discs, and it seemed like magic.  Xanadu will always be inextricably linked with my childhood, my father and my love of music and film.

This was our LaserDisc player, Pioneer's VP-1000, released in the U.S. in 1980.

Enjoy this wrap-up of Xanadu by Jon Decker who precisely describes why this film is one of my all-time favorites - and why it should be one of yours too:

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