Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back To Caching

Emma and I are back at it.  Geocaching in this weather doesn't take effort, just availability, which Emma and I had in droves.  It's so much fun to spend time with Emma these days.  The eight year old has passion, she WANTS to do fun things together and geocaching  is an activity we can agree on.  We found a few caches and checked up on a couple dad has hidden.  Quorra got out on he first geocaching adventrue too.  She loves being outside and rolling around in the stroller.  Emma loves pushing the stroller, so it all works out!
I found Speedy Gonzales (http://t.co/6NyOIvbu) #cgeo #geocaching3:11 PM April 22nd via c:geo-----------------------------------------------------------I found Premier Busses and Cool Stuff (http://t.co/7Uhaf5Bg) #cgeo #geocaching2:48 PM April 22nd via c:geo

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