Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geocaching Beckons

After a winter hiatus the call of the cache became too strong to ignore. Even an early March injury and illness could not stop me from picking up some easy caches. This time I even had my wife (@dimplsandcurls) on the trail for the first time in years along with lulu crew as usual. It was nice to knock out a few local caches first. One was practically in someone's front yard - a container location which previously had bothered me but now has me thinking about placing a cache near my home too. Don't know if I want to be bugged that much though. After two homestead caches like that, I had to consider it. Ill keep ya posted on that update.

The next week our trio hit the trail again in Kaysville and Layton. Having dimplsandcurls on the hunt has been so much fun - not only is she great company, but she has a good eye too and two heads are indeed better than one.

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