Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doug Gains International Fame

Well, it was either incredibly dumb or extremely cool, but either way, I now have been heard by an international audience. A gaming podcast I enjoy listening to solicits calls on a regular basis and one day I had idea that I thought just might be worth sharing. I left my voice mail in the coolest means I could muster and waited to hear myself on a subsequent episode. I thought I had all but been forgotten until more than six weeks later when my message with the bright ideal hit the airwaves.

Turns out, these guys thought my idea wasn't half bad. Also turns out that this podcast has a circulation of just over half a million subscribers in the US and England. Wow, it's all of a sudden quite intimidating to think that I called a phone number and put myself out in front of 500,000 plus people. Now I just need to decide if I'm proud to be heard by so many people or embarrassed to be "that guy" who calls the gaming podcasts. I'll let you decide for yourself. An excerpt from the podcast plays above.

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