Monday, October 12, 2009

It's The Brain!

In the computer lab Mrs. Juarez' afternoon kindergarten class was asked "What is this part of the computer called?"

"It's the brain!" Emma responds quickly.

"You're Right!" the lab director responds enthusiastically as Emma beams.

I was impressed my kindergartner was so quick with the answer. I was in 6th grade when I learned basic computer skills. Of course, that was 1988 and computers in the classroom were a rarity indeed.

Siting in that computer lab didn't help me feel any younger. All around me were oversize diagrams and lesson modules designed to teach the students to type. I was in Junior High when I took a type class I reminisced to myself.

What are the next generation of kindergarteners going to be learning that will make the generation gap seems like a vast chasam? I shudder to think of it.


Mike said...

Most grown adults don't even know the difference between RAM and a Hard drive, let alone what they do! Way to go, Emma! You smartypants

Yosafat Agus said...

I also remember when I sit with my 5 yr old son (10 yr ago), we watch our SLIDESHOW at our computer. Now he have his own 'WORLD', playing online game, every time hi has opportunity. His future? We never know. They grow so fast, and we being old too!

We must learn that computer's stuff, so we will not 'left behind'.