Monday, August 03, 2009

Rewarding Geocaching Adventure

Thanks to some kind team members at work I was able to get a day off to visit some family/friends for a big meetup and dinner in Springville, UT. I arrived early with my wife who was helping with some event details so I had time to burn, so with GPS in hand, I set out on a mini adventure for a few hours. After visiting a McDonalds (where I had the best Big Mac I've had in a decade) and tanking up for the afternoon we set off to scour the town for geocaches. The adventure became a bit of an ordeal after a few caches were either left uncared for and missing and others either far exceeded my skill or were also plundered. Out of 8 caches we sought, only 6 had containers to be found (we think) and we only actually found three of them. A bit discourageing but the fun is in the hunt afterall and we were treated to seeing a remarkable Presbyterian church in the middle of town as well as a relaxing wade though the chilled waters of Hobble Creek.

We also spent some time geocaching in Salt Lake City and in nearby Parley's Canyon. That was a very rewarding adventure. The caches up the canyon were just difficult enough to make reaching the goal rewarding without discouraging Emma (or myself.) Emma does a great job keeping up with dad and is usually excited to tag along. She did a great job taversing a hill with an extremely steep grade. Though she started out timid and clutching to dad for balance on the rocky and nealy 80 degree slope, she quickly learned that if she moved safely and with confidence her own balance system was superior to clinging to dad.

Even as great as dad is he isn't as cool as a playground when you've spent most of the day in the car. When I stopped to look for my last cache Mom stayed with Emma at a nearby park while I hiked off in the canyon below the interstate. I am still kicking myself for not encouraging Emma more strongly to follow me, becaseu I was treated to a grand experience when I poped up behind some weeds and startled some fawns a mere 100 feet in front of me. They ran to the brush and we spent a few minutes watching each other. Soon another fawn appeared in the opposite direction and let it's self get nearly as close before it realized the situation. It was a super cool experience and a great way to cap off another quick adventure spent geocaching.

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