Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Geocaching The Shoreline

Our latest Geocaching expedition took us to the western reaches of Davis County, Utah. So far west, in fact, that we were as close to the Salt Lake shoreline as you can get on paved roads. Radio towers peered down on us from many places on the west side while cattle and horses greeted us to Emma's delight. (The high salt content of the surrounding soil makes for excellent grounding, so many stations place their transmitters here.) Our first cache of the day, Head West Young Lady, was placed by our long time friend Nate (rileyclod.) It was truly a great cache with a clever hiding place and a pleasant view. We lingered a while in the area and picked up another cache in West Syracuse then started trekking back to Layton where we collected two more caches. I had a goal to find five geocaches that weekend so the next day I traveled to West Bountiful to pick one more along an old rail bed. Good times while out caching this weekend, the favorable weather seems to be bringing us out more and more.

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Nathan said...

Glad you had fun at HEAD WEST YOUNG LADY geocache. I had fun making it. So far it's the only one I've ever done. I'll have to work on one more - maybe this summer.

I still ahve yet to find one of yours (I think the "66" one will be one of my next finds) but hopefully soon. Keep up the blogging :)