Friday, November 02, 2007

I Shall Return

Like MacArthur trodding upon a Philippine beach I have returned to the grand city of Chicago as I vowed to do only seven months ago. This time I got to take my munchkin - the first time we've tackled a metropolis together. We took the train into town, rode the "El" around the loop and took our first subway ride on the red line back up to the Water Tower district. Each experience was met with wide eyed excitement. It was somewhat harrowing for mom and dad to keep the little one from falling off a subway platform or walking into the street as she strained to see the tops of buildings but the experience was worth every effort.

Dad got to have his fun too. I took the family to the top of Hancock tower (as I've wanted to do since my first trip) and though some questioned why I wasn't going to the top of the Sears Tower, for me the experience at the top of the John Hancock tower was sublime. For me, the photographer and engineering enthusiast, the Hancock Tower had the greatest payoff for the money. If you really want to see Chicago, you need to do it from the outside looking in. The view from 100 stories above Michigan Avenue was very much like flying around the downtown skyline. We had good timing too as the photos at twilight gave an awesome aura of blue hue to the cloud covered sky while emphasizing the lights of bustling city.

We finished off the night with dinner downstairs at the Cheesecake Factory. Sadly, mom had to do work the next day so we hopped back on the train with mommies coworkers (AKA, Emma's Friends) and took the trip back to the hotel. Emma invited everyone to her hotel room (pronounced Ho-Tale) for a party. She was devastated to learn she was going to bed without said party. In fact the next day, she didn't even want to got the airport and fly on an airplane. She wanted to stay in "da-costco to see buildings." So we all have a bit of a bug for the Windy City and the Miracle Mile. Must be contagious.
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