Monday, June 19, 2006

Front Row Parking

I find it interesting that some of the most family friendly business practices I've yet seen have been presented to me in a state that has 7% fewer childern than my own. I was downright flabbergasted to find free spaghetti platters every day at "Cascade Pizza" in Bellingham, a kids menu pasted to the back of Muppets book at another restraunt and the supreme example, Front row parking for families with toddlers and strollers. I almost fell over when I pulled into the Bellis Fair Mall and saw this sign right infront of the entrance to the theater. Now I understand that in states such as Utah, well know for having families with many children, some policies can be taken advantage of by large familes, but may I make this suggestion to business owners country wide: Take note of some of these examples and consider the benefits of implementing some family friendly practices such as these.

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