Monday, June 19, 2006


Does "Fazolis" have competition in Bountiful's attempt at fast-food Itlaian "B'sghetti's?" No, not at all. The quality of the food is lackluster compared to Fazoli's. While the cost is somewhat lower, the menu is much smaller as are the portions. The biggest failing I see in B'sghetti's is a menu that lacks things like meatballs, chicken or Italian sausage on the side of thier pasta dishes. Also, Pizza toppings include only cheese and peperoni and that's it. In B'sghetti's favor is the implementation of a drive through window which makes it more accessible than nearby Italian place in Bountiful. Also, having SoBe beverages and a Diet Dr. Pepper along with the typical fountain drinks was a big plus for me.


Anonymous said...

you need to read the menu a bit better. they also have veggie pizza and chicken spinach alfredo pizza. and they do hve meat balls. also, keep in mind that b'sghettis is a fast food place. they dont have room to have a very large menu.

Anonymous said...

B'sghetti's also has things like tortellini and pesto that Fazoli's lacks. And most places could stand to decrease portion size. We're fat enough as it is.