Wednesday, January 04, 2006

7-Eleven goes Chineese

The Jade Garden is a new restraunt in Centerville, UT and the fourth tenant in a building first occupied by a 7-eleven through 1992. My wife and I went out on a date for the first time in months and we decided that this new chineese restruant needed to be tested. So we sat down in the dining room and passed the time considering our food.

The verdict: They try too hard at the Jade Garden. The food was overall quite good. The food seemed to be lighter than in some restraunts while tasting like they use similar recipies (or similar food service providers) as other restraunts. We hypothesized that the meats were steamed rather than fried. While this made a lighter food, it also gave a texture that I was not prepared for. The biggest trouble with the jade garden was that it tried to be bigger than it's briches. The decorating seemed to say "Hip and trendy" while the music was classical piano peices and appetizers came with garnish of carrots cut like flowers. This clash of style left you feeling like you didn't know how to act let alone at what degree to compare the food.

The most disturbing part of the meal had nothing to do with the food. In fact it was the most gross application I have seen of a chineese restruant pit fall: Over attentive staff. I was being watched by several servers, bus staff, and desk clerks throughout my meal and it was very disturbing. I swore that the entire staff had formed an imaginary line on my water glass that they were unwilling to let me reach - at all costs! Posted by Picasa

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