Monday, June 12, 2006

HAFB Air Show

Hill Air Froce Base hosted an air show this past weekend commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Thunderbirds first appearance at Hill. Unfortunately my two year old didn't want to see the Thunderbirds as much as I did. So we cut the day short after taking in some pretty incredible static displays. Both a C-17 and C-5 were on display along with an F-117, an F-22, an operating B-52 and a gagle of other aircraft both civil and military, rotor driven and fixed wing that make up the typical air show fodder.

Here's some video clips from the Airshow:
  • Apache (Static Display)
  • Piper Cub (Jesus Rules)
  • F-117 (Static Display)
  • F-22 (Static Display)
  • C-5 (Under Wing)
  • C-5 (Nose)
  • F-16 (Flight Demo)
  • Legacy Formation (Fly by)
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