Monday, June 12, 2006

The Future of Flight

I experienced the "Future of Flight" today, at least as Boeing sees it's future. I cruised into Boeing's Everett, WA facility today and took Boeing's factory tour they've dubed "The Future of Flight Tour." I was absolutly giddy about the tour and though it was maybe not what I'd expected. it was more than worth my time and money. Perhaps most interesting to see were different aircraft on the ramp in preperation for testing or delivery. Some were fresh out of the painting hangers, some were being flight tested, in fact, an Air France 777-300 beign tested touched down after an approach directly over the tour bus as we traversed around the approach end of 16R at PAE. This photo features yours truly in front of a mock up of a 777 engine.

Video: Greetings From Paine Field

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