Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Nukes! Please :-)

What may be the last opportunity for Utahn's to keep high-level nuclear waste out of the state is upon us. Private Fuel Storage (PFS) already has a permit to store spent nuclear fuel rods in enormous casks in Skull Valley on the Goshute Reservation. What PFS needs now is a permit from the BLM to build a transfer station adjacent to I-80 where casks will be moved from trucks to trains.

Before granting this permit, the BLM is seeking public opinion on the matter and has made it clear that they will base their decision on the input they receive. Senator Hatch and Govenor Huntsman are certain that if enough Utahns expess their opposition the BLM will likely reject the application by PFS for the permit.

I have taken a moment to send an E-mail to Pam Schuller at the BLM's Salt Lake Field Office to share my views as to why the PFS application for a transfer station should be denied. Among my reasons I listed:
  • Proximity of this transfer station to I-80 places one of this state's and this nation's most vital thoroughfares in jeopardy. Thus risking not only health and safety, but economic security as well.
  • Proximity to the USAF Utah Test and Training Range raises the level of danger already associated with the transfer station.
I hope you too will take the opportunity to share your views with the BLM. Bear in mind May 8th is the closing date for public input on this issue. You are probably aware that I devote little space here to political rhetoric, but when I do, I feel it's important. Please join me taking steps to keep nuclear waste out of Utah and the slogan "This is place to dump yer waste" out of the nations view.

Contact Pam Schuller at the BLM Salt Lake Field Office:


- or -

Pam Schuller
Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake Field Office
2370 S. 2300 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Fax 801-977-4397

Let's flood the BLM with messages!

Resources I have drawn on in making my decision and writing this post:

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