Thursday, April 13, 2006

Laundry Room Band?

I know "Garage Band" sounds way cooler than "Laundry Room Band" but one way or another, that's what we've got. And frankly, we're glad to have it. We haven't played or practiced since the Chirstmas show and I think we were all twitching a bit to get back on the strings. The only open space we cold muster up was our laundry room so we took what we could get and piled in. My munchkin couldn't help but join in herself. She grabbed her Mickey Maracas, got as close to dad as possible, and started in (vocals & percussion of course.)

Don't forget to check out the band web site for all the latest news. We're in the works for the 4th of July show as well as the Bountiful Handcard Days parade and party.

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