Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Driving a spike through commemorative quarters

May 8th is apparently a popular day for closing off public opinion. I've recently become familiar with survey conducted by the Utah Arts Council regarding Utah's submission to the commemorative quarters program. They're offering the public the chance to vote for their favorite of three final designs. The voting will close on May 8th and Governor Huntsman will make the final choice before announcing the selection on May 10th.

I feel that by far the Golden Spike design is the best. The first design "Winter Sport" may be a view of Utah shared by many and an economic advantage to the state, but this image, to me, does not adequately project the grandeur of the Utah wilderness nor the sports played there. In fact I do not believe any single image can achieve this. Furthermore, the "Winter Sport" image lacks timelessness. It seems to be dated and directed at a narrow demographic.

The "Beehive" design would be my second favorite design, but is relatively, umm... Boring. In my opinion, those quarters that have depicted naught but a states flower or seal have been less impressive than those which can lay out in a beautiful scene part of the states wealth of resources or events which cement that states importance on the national scene. For this reason I feel the "Golden Spike" or "Crossroads of the West" design is the best.

Not only does "Golden Spike" provide the most interesting and visually stunning design, but it identifies Utah as a central participant in the building of a nation and the focal point of a grand story of American enterprise and industry (two virtues at the heart of the Utah's image.)

I hope you'll take the time to stop by the Utah Arts Council's Utah Commemorative Quarter Survey and vote for your favorite design. I also hope "Golden Spike" will be the design you vote for.

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Dan said...

I totally agree that the train one is the best. My history teacher was telling us how it was obviously going to be this one because it's being announced on May 10th, which is the same day that the first transcontinental railroad was completed.

Hmm, I wonder...