Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Burger Education

I propose that all learning establishments be housed within Five Guys B&F restaurants. My kid is counting double digits after listening to the orders come up. We wrote a list of numbers below our order number (on our reciept) as the staff called for pickup. It didn't take Emma long to see the pattern that was forming, pretty soon we'd figured out how to count to 100. Now as long as she doesn't need to use the 'teens' we're all set.

Surely there is some magical aura or elixer of learning at Five Guys that produces such results. And imagine the parental involvement and familial participation, not to mention the opportunties to learn a foriegn language (emma likes to practice her spanish with a sweet hispanic woman who works at our neighborhood location) and the possibility for reduced cost from food sales. I need somone to sponser a bill this legislative session! Where's my state senator Greg Bell? Hmm, Lieutenant Govenor now eh? Guess he just dodged that bullet.

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Mike said...

Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant! :-) I think I'll go down there for my next study session.