Sunday, June 08, 2008

You Have Chosen Wisely

4/5 stars.

Hallelujah Indy returns! My faith in the high quality popcorn flick (recently shattered by pirates and fantastic heroes) is restored. Overall, great movie. Now the caveats. This movie really needed Marcus Brody or Henry Jones Sr. or at least their essence. Karen Allen seemed really worn out, and almost disembodied from the film - like watching someone "acting." Thankfully Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett are not at all as annoying as I had feared and in fact - I loved their performances. They whisked me from the lovelorn state of remembering Indy past and gave me bight hope for Indy future.

There were parts that required a healthy suspension of disbelief but when I was having so much fun watching a jeep chase through the amazon - who cares if there are no roads through the jungle?!

The plot was engaging (even though I don't believe a bit of it) and built a great mystery that was well constructed with some worthwhile tangents.

In the end the action sequences screamed classic Indy and dazzled without the overabundance of special effects. My imagination was captured from scene one and was only distracted momentarily from the fantasy by the hicoughs in the magic.

Oh! And lastly, kudos to Neil Flynn (SCRUBS Janitor) on his (small) role in the film. Always great to see your old TV friends in the movies.

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The Professor said...

Hmmm...I'd say I mostly agree with your assessment. I wouldn't go four out of five, but I did enjoy seeing Indy in action again (without humiliating himself).

Oh, and in spite of your string of negative comments on my blog, I have decided to add you to my Blog Roll. Congratulations. My five readers are now yours.