Sunday, June 08, 2008

Endangered Species

I couldn't believe it. I thought these were extinct to all who can not afford the double wides at the front of the plane. Yet there it was - hot no less! Hawaiian Airlines had won my heart.

I was already impressed. The old 767 was refurbished nicely (remarkably attractive in purple,) the LCD screens against the bulkhead were new, the seats were comfortable and innovative in design (with slots to augment the pockets) and size, the staff was friendly, heck - I even liked the commercials they were showing.

Our flight was delayed more than two hours (due to a late arrival and crew rest requirements) but I just could not bring myself to be angry. I was enjoying my frequent beverage service and plentiful pillows and blankets so much I couldn't be bothered to do little more than furrow my brow at our troubles (especially when it comes to crew rest - give me maintenance problems over a dazed crew any day.)

So I was pretty impressed with Hawaiian Airlines - until we tried to get our checked luggage. But that's another story. It's still more than I can say for airport law enforcement at Kahului. Yet another story I'll see if I can get around to.

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