Tuesday, July 31, 2007

While You Were Out

While I was attending class in Torrance my family capitalized on the opportunity to come to sunny Southern California and spend the week visiting Disneyland. It was a rough road getting there though. Or plans to fly in were squashed when a fire (now known as the Salt Creek Fire) closed I-15 for about 100 miles through central Utah and subsequently drove air travel through the roof.

Delta had oversold every flight into any city in Southern California. It was mandatory I be there on time for class so we scrapped plans to fly, packed up the car and drove to SoCal - something I hadn't done in ten years. I think driving to Disneyland is something every family should do at least every 10 years - just to remember why you fly all the other times. The drive was daunting, but the trip was fun. I think I'm gonna drive the desert at 4am on every trip from now on.

This was a first visit to Disneyland for Emma's Grandma, so that made this trip extra special. Aunt LuLu soon joined us as well so the girls enjoyed themselves at the park and Dad joined them in the afternoon, funny how even a few hours at Disneyland is enough to make you feel good.

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