Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I thought I'd never see you again!

Did you ever lose something so well that you thought it would remain lost for eternity? I've done that a few times. I lost a favorite visor in Disneyland, My duaghter lost her favorite puppy toy in a target, the list goes on. Just before Christmas I lost a favored toy while playing catch with some friends and family at a party held at a local chapel.* Our fun was brought quickly to an end when the boomerang type device we were tossing was lost in the trees & bushes. We couldn't see it in dark, even with several flashlights and headlights flooding the area. Even a search by a couple of us in the morning light of the next day didn't yeild any results.

So why I thought I might be able to track it down today I don't know, but I gave it try anyway. I was driving in the area and took the short detour. I had no more arrived in the parking lot than I'd seen it hanging in a tree in a neighbors yard. I went around the block, asked if I could infiltrate the backyard, and retrieved my prized toy. All's well that ends well I guess. Only downfall to the situation is that I've probably used up all my good karma getting this thing back.

*I should note for the record that I went into this whole thing with my eyes open and willing to accept the consequences. Throwing a thin peice of plastic in a small clearing surrounded by trees after dark pretty much doomed us from the start. I figured I might lose the thing, but thought I'd rather have fun now and lose it than have no fun at all. That being said, I may not have been the one who made the fatal throw, but I'm the one who bore the responsibility from the begining.


Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I was the jerk whose haphazard mind-set and ungainly posture combined to create this disaster. My heart sank as I watched my friend's boomarang gracefully soar into the blackness, but my pain is filled with joy at this beatific news.
For all you bloggers out there, know that Doug is a great guy. Not only did he attempt to aliviate my guilt that night, he let me beat him in pictionary just last week.

Anonymous said...

I was really glad that Zack was the one who lost the boomerang, 'cause I knew one of us was gonna lose it and I didn't want it to be me. I'm even happier that Douglas found the fated-fling-thing. WAY TO GO DOUG!! no offense to zack!