Monday, January 27, 2014

Bountiful Greek Cafe

Double Cabob platter and Greek Burger with 2 cans soda $21. Greek Burger is mix of beef, lamb & pork with feta and a red wine sauce. The burger is a stellar entrée and the best item on the menu.

The flavors are bold without being over powering and portions are on the generous side of average. Shrimp and lamb cabobs were cooked and seaaoned well.  Lemon rice was tasty, but the baked potato side was quite heavy, and didnt blend with the other textures on plate.

The french fries on the other hand were excellent.   Simple prep and seasong made an excellent side to the burger.   The rice chicken soup utilized the same seasoning as the rice side (that was part of my cabob combo) to great effect.  Again, the flavors were not bland in this creamy soup.

The biggest failing was the drink options.  12oz cans of soda.  There was a decent variety and anytime my favorite flavor (Diet Dr. Pepper) is available I'm happy for that.  But with bolder flavors and larger portions,  I really needed more liquid with my meal.

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