Saturday, June 23, 2012

Centerville PD Reverse 911 Call

Yesterday afternoon Centerville's Police Department (@CPDUTAH) used what is sometimes called Reverse 911 (since it is the police calling citizens rather than the reverse) to update the community about fire regulations that are going into effect in Centerville.  I've included the MP3 and the Google Voice transcript of that message for your entertainment and enlightenment.

Good Evening. Yeah, this message is from several City, Emergency Management, earlier today. Your Governor place a conference call to all mayors expressing concern over the current fire situation in the states, yeah On Behalf Of The Doppler and city officials. We ask that all residence. You sound judgment when doing anything that may start a fire. Yeah extra week. You will receive the City newsletter. Does it mean restrictions. ON the use of fireworks. Yoey's comply with the restrictions your not use fireworks in the foothills. When you have any undeveloped property, fireworks that leave the ground, create the most hazard. Yeah for use with extreme caution. Yeah please do not soccer practice unless it is in and I'm clean, young range. Yeah fire department go ahead and all camp fires outside of the, Pruned Files, you had Yeah, there are no improved fire pit. Yeah Foothills about Centerville. Yeah 4 You're not Light any fires. Yes, is a critical situation. Yeah are asking, all for the sins Yeah use extreme caution, and restraint. Yeah. Please give you were part to help us avoid another fire.

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