Monday, May 07, 2012

A Question You Should Say Yes To

This looks like Orrin Hatch's (@orrinhatch) last chance to gracefully agree on a debate with challenger Dan Liljenquist (@DanForUtah.)  It seems to me the editorial staff at the Deseret News (@deseretnews)  is going easy on the incumbent considering they easily could have criticized Hatch for avoiding the debate, not only on grounds of transparency and ethics, but over his double standard.  (Hatch criticized President Obama for not engaging in enough debates against John McCain in 2008.)

Liljenquist has accepted a Deseret News/KSL TV invitation to a debate and I think that unless Hatch want's to either a) loose face for refusing a debate or b) loose face over finally capitulating to a debate, he should accept this offer and let his campaign work on setting terms rather than letting Liljenquist continue to call him out.

I really need to stop giving suggestions to the opposing candidate.


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