Monday, May 14, 2012

Doug's Quiz - The Results

So the form builder in Google Docs really is all it's cracked up to be.  I made a quick toss away quiz, E-mailed it to half a dozen people and posted it on facebook and Google +.  I was pretty impresed.  The E-mail recipients, at least if they were using a service that allowed HTML mail, could take the quiz within the E-mail client.  Google automatically created a spreadsheet that tracked the responses and even aggregated the data into graphs so I could easily see and track the metrics. Some lessons I learned: I didn't ask anyone to identify themselves, so no one know who answered what.   

I'm sure you're dying to know the answers to the questions.  Well here you go:

1) Places Doug has lived: Everyone got this wrong.  I have lived in ALL these places.  They are each cities in the state of Indiana (U.S.A.) where I spent two years as a missionary.
2) Yes, Doug is, in fact, a jerk.  Only on correct answer on this one (tee hee.)
3) Doug's dream car: Trick question.  Doug has always wanted a Jeep.  Doug now has a Jeep.  If I were to get a car other than the Jeep, it would be the Atom.  So I would say both Jeep and Atom are correct.  Unless I was buying a nice Grand Tourer, then it woudl definately be the DB9.  Perhaps they are all correct?
4) Thanks for the responses.  The Avengers got the most responses, and this is what I watched over the weekend.

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