Thursday, April 05, 2012

A Different Effect

I started up Mass Effect again - the original - which I'd cast aside several years ago.  I bought it back in 2008.  At that time, besides a confusing attempt at Kingdom Hearts and a similar experience with KOTOR, this was my first foray into RPG's and I wasn't happy with it. The game drove me bonkers and I'd put it on the shelf before I finished the first level.

Since that time I've been drawn into the Fallout games and L.A. Noire. I've played each of them for hundreds of hours and loved every minute. With all the news brewing around the conclusion of Mass Effect 3, I decided this might be an ideal time to go back to the original Mass Effect. This time around has been a night and day experience. I can easily understand the games original appeal.

The story runs deep, the characters are compelling and the environments are outstanding. The game is starting to show its age, but it started at such a high level of visual quality and interaction it's hard to criticize it now.  I'm still not entirely impressed with the mechanics of the action sequences. Simple shooting seems clumsy and trying to manage weapons is a pain to say the least, but the AI is decent and the frags feel good.  There does seem to be almost too much dialogue especially when the story is sweet enough to drive you to explore the entire dialogue tree.

The bottom line is: the game is solid and promises so much.  I look forward to letting Commander Shepard take the Normandy (great name and beautiful vessel) through the vast reaches of space.

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