Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Just Another Part Of Me

Living the post appendix life

For as much as I hate surgery It's remarkable how much I wanted someone to cut me open and take a part of me out.  But that's where I'm at anyway.  I feel like I'm in a movie.  Having an appendectomy seems to me like one of those proceedures that never really happens, but always works as a fantastic plot device in sitcoms.  I really owe it to Hannah for trying to dig up a diagnosis at home.  Had she not looked up the symptoms and read so precisely the situation I was experiencing, I would have toughed it out and shrugged it off.  Thanks for not wanting me dead, babe!

Well, the doctor says I'm not going to die anytime... soon anyway.  My recovery feels like it's finally beginning in earnest.  This is the first day I haven't felt totally hammered in a week.  Laparoscopy should leave me with minimal scars, and the muscles seems to be healing nicely.  So that's the story of the appendix free life.

Knowledge of having diabetes has not changed the realities of living with diabetes.  After struggling to contain blood glucose post surgery, it now seems that a few medications might just take care of things for the foreseeable future.  A lot of testing in offing, but I'm just not that worried about it.  I've tested on and off for years now.  I'm looking at meters more seriously now though.  Anyone want to chime in on their favorite meters or best practices?

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