Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Is It

This is the one - the one that started it all.  This Jeep spawned the vision and ignited the dream.  Riding in this old Willy's Jeep was a mandatory part of each visit to the family homestead growing up.  I might even say that my fascination with great vehicles began around my grandmothers family living in North Provo.  With some land to roam with my cousins upon and some remarkable vehicles (including this Jeep, a '58 Chev pick-up and a '66 Mustang) the ideals of great motoring were seeded in my young mind.  
Sadly, these vehicles have seen better days - but that's to be expected.  Still, I'm amazed at what a rush I get just seeing these old steeds out to pasture.  They seem as ready to roar to life as they did ten or fifteen years ago.

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