Friday, May 21, 2010

What A (Geeky) Day!

Oh man, I can feel the cumulative shudder of millions of geeks, dweebs and nerds the world over as they learn that today marks the crossroads of two monumentally influential franchises of the last century. On this day 30 years ago The Empire Strikes Back opened in Hollywood, CA and one short day after that, Namco released Pac Man in Japan.

This day should be a national holiday for crying out loud! Empire Strikes Back is by far my favorite Star Wars film and - IMHO - the best film in the series. Pac Man, is dear to the heart of gamers and techies everywhere. While I've never fawned over it (I have always struggled to stay ahead of those ghosts) I have never passed up an oppotunity to play a few levels and I have gameing devices strewn about my house which play another copy of Pac Man.

So have a slice of pizza (from Domino's perhaps?) and bask in the impetus of the gaming revolution while marveling at the moment the world was shocked intergalactic awe.

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