Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was a bit unusual for us. Mom had a wild hair and decided to try something new last week when @dimplsandcurls (otherwise known as my wife) hid her first geocache and did an outstanding job of it too. With what seemed like a fraction of the effort it takes me, Hannah had picked a spot void of caches, created a container, outfited the cache with prizes and was ready to go. She even logged a variety of waypoints with which to average out the coordinates. A short time later she had submitted and had her cache listing approved. The FTF (First To Find) was logged before Mother's Day was out.

I'm not sure it's fair for Dad to have as much fun as mom on Mother's Day, but these things happen when you go geocaching. Perhaps you'd care to visit Hannah's very own "Carrington Cache." Clink on the link to go to the cache listing. If you're already a geocacher, you'll be all ready to go. If you're not a geocacher, isn't time to start? Now really?

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