Thursday, December 03, 2009

The First Gift Of Christmas

Unlike recent years I have felt a desire to get into the Christmas mood. I've pulled out my Christmas music (all 80+ hours of it) and organized playlists for maximum holiday cheer (much to the annoyance of my staff at work.). I contemplated today hanging decorations in my office as well, but the thing that really got me in the spirit was what I found when I came home.

Although my wife had gone to great lengths to call me at work and let me know the decorating schedule would be delayed, I arrived home to a great gift - our little family tree assembled and shining bright. Emma has been working hard (with mom's help) all through my shift to prepare the display.

Now I was in the Christmas spirit. Our front room was bathed in the warmth of holiday lights and my mind immediately considered fond memories of helping grandma deck her home with (what to a child was) an endless menagerie of holiday fare whilst enjoying Bing Crosby and Eddy Arnold crooning the carols. I wonder if my grandmother knew she was building my fondest and strongest memories of Christmas?

Now i'm in the mood to build some memories for Emma, after I thank her for this first gift of Christmas.

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Brett - Rachel B said...

that tree looks fantastic!

Emma is lucky to have such a cultured dad!