Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cosmic Destiny

I had the most remarkable experience tonight. It's kinda hard to follow but I guarantee you'll be dazzled in the end if you stick with me for a minute.

An old friend approached me while I was at my daughters elementary school for an art contest open house. Scott Kjar is one of the finest individuals I have ever known and part of the reason I have known him is his daughter, Amanda, whom I worked with and became friends with in High School.

Scott inquired after my family and myself and upon learning I managed the local Domino's Pizza he immediately connected that the owner of my store was the same man he had just been working with. Scott has been successful in the world of real estate and as I learned from our conversation, owns a new property that he just leased to the owner of our franchise for another restaurant location.

I started connecting the dots and realized that a unique intersection of relationships had converged in this elementary school library: Scott was attending the open house with his daughter Amanda, who's oldest child had also entered the art contest. Amanda's second child is in the same class as my daughter. [Now this is where it all starts to come together.] These girls - My daughter, and Scott's Granddaughter - are taught by the spouse of a man who used to work for my Boss (the same guy who just leased property from my daughter's classmate's grandfather.)

Bizzare coincidence, simple hapenstance or the mere manifestation of the shrinking world in which we live? I'm going with cosmic destiny on this one.
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