Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tell Me Again Why Your Gaming System Rocks

Facebook on 360? How cool is that? Twitter too? Awesome! Adding motion control device (from Minority Report) for games and UI? Astounding! Offering streaming HD/5.1 Dolby! Who needs blu-ray? Rock Band: Beatles exclusively for the 360? I Can Haz Now? Crackdown 2, COD: MW2, and Halo 3: ODST hitting the shelves?! Super! Metal Gear Solid moves from Sony exclusive to add the 360 platform? Why buy a PS3? What's that you say? Bungie is working on the next installment of the Halo franchise? I can't wait! Streaming radio from last.fm? On the best sound system in the house no less.

Tell me again why your gaming system was the one to buy?


Carrie said...

I heard about Beatles Rock Band and looked it up...and it was available on the Wii. I currently have it pre-ordered.
They better not be messing with me.

Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

While the basic game will be available, as current versions are, on multiple platforms, some songs will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.