Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things About Doug

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  1. Doug likes great architecture.
  2. Dougs favorite big city is Chicago.
  3. Doug enjoys museums.
  4. Doug enjoys taking pictures on celluloid and used to process his own black & white prints.
  5. Doug hates to admit it, but he enjoys reading those paperback Sci-Fi novels.
  6. Doug still thinks the Space Shuttle is an amazing air/spacecraft.
  7. Doug is amazed how many families don't make their house numbers visible nor illuminate them at night.
  8. Doug still thinks Superman is the greatest Super Hero.
  9. Doug thinks some of the greatest people in the world are those who allow him to buy his two items before they purchase their cart full at the supermarket.
  10. Doug wishes he could get more sugar free drinks at restaurants.
  11. Doug has been robbed both personally and professionally and hates being taken.
  12. Doug wants to pull his hair out when forensic scientists draw weapons and take down criminals in TV dramas.
  13. Doug thinks MySpace is spawn of the devil and disslikes all the crazy crap people put on thier profiles.
  14. Doug belives DRM is a ridiculous protocol and should be elminated.
  15. Doug never feels more uncomfortable than he does in a nail salon.
  16. Doug often wishes Bajio, Costa Vida and other Cafe Rio knock off's would dissapear.
  17. Doug hates the "Utah Wedge" (and that's not a hair style.)
  18. Doug is a big fan of Robinson Helicopters
  19. Doug believes that the Fender Stratocaster is still the finest solid body guitar.
  20. Doug watches The Ten Commandments annualy at easter becasue he misses his Grandmother.
  21. Doug thinks "The Bishops Wife" is the best Christmas movie and watches it annualy for the same reason he watches "The Ten Commandments."
  22. Doug, at one time, aspired to earn a communications degree and work as a film critic.
  23. Doug married his wife 93 days after thier first kiss and knew with greater confidence than he had known anything else that it was the right thing to do.
  24. Doug thinks everyone should be a Beatles fan (if in fact anyone is not already.)
  25. Doug owns his own bowling shoes and ball.


Brett - Rachel B said...

Very Cool!
Yes I also wish there were more sugar free drinks at restaurants, and less carbonated ones. Do you also love Subway's Minute Maid Light Lemonade and Quizno's SoBe Lean as much as I do?

I'm glad you feel uncomfortable in a nail salon. It's natural for a manly man.

I'm sorry that you have been professionally robbed, but it sounds like an interesting blog story....

Everyone likes Sci-Fi novels. Hello! Enders Game!

And yes, what would we do if foresic scientists couldn't take the law into their own hands and make the world crime free in less than a week. Also, I'm glad they only work on one case at a time until it is solved- just like the real world!

Say hi to Hannah for me!

rachel the long winded

Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm chuckling trying to imagine what a "Utah Wedge" would look like, if it were a hair style.

Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

I'm glad to see the inside joke about the "Utah Wedge" wasn't wasted. If anyone unfamiliar with the term and the the word play involved would like to be clued in, let me know.

Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

Rachel, I enjoyed the refreshing change of light lemonade for most of 2006, and then became burned out. Perhaps it is a local phenomenon, but light lemonade is almost as plentiful here as diet coke. The SoBe drinks, though I don't love all of them, are definatly a refreshing change (even the grapefruit is nice sometimes) but what I really wish I could find more of is Diet Dr.Pepper.

Remind me about the tales of being robbed someday and if you still think they sound like good blog posts, I'll consider putting something together.

Hannah says hi back, thanks for stopping by for a read.

Allison said...

Disclaimer: I no longer live in Utah., what's a Utah Wedge?

Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

The "Utah Wedge" is a motoring phenomenon which is actually not exclusive to Utah at all, but seems to be more prolific here thus, the moniker. The Wedge occurs on multi lane highways when a driver occupies the outside lane and is then passed by another car. The passer does not then return to the outside lane ahead of the original driver, but also does not continue to accelerate. This results in the passing driver essentially driving "in formation" with the original driver where their rear bumper of the passer is inline with front bumper of the car in the outside lane.

This process repeats it's self for the max number of lanes and soon, you have several cars passing each other in sequence but never accelerating beyond the car to their right and thus creating a "wedge" which prevents anyone else from passing in any lane and bogging down traffic.

This phenomenon can also occur in mirror sequence (starting at the inside lane) and can also cascade symmetrically from the center lane.

The Utah Wedge is not to be confused with the "Utah Claw" which is a hair style prevalently popular among young women in the 90's that seemingly remained popular in Utah far longer than anywhere else. The dominant feature of this hairstyle were the bangs curled upward and outward from the forehead, sometimes in grand flourish with a diameter of several inches. At it's peak of popularity it seemed the larger the diameter of this curl, the better. Because the bangs curled around and met the forehead at their point, the term "claw" was coined. Due to the prolonged popularity of the style in this region, it became known, mostly to outsiders, as the Utah Claw.