Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I've been robed. Literally. Some devious individuals have absconded with my daughters car seats - both of them. Has my sense of security been shattered? No. Do I feel violated? No. Am I angry? Positively. I am however glad that more did not happen - and that's perhaps the most perplexing part of this entire saga - nothing else was taken. My CD's were still on my dashboard, other belongings that were lying about the yard were not touched but someone decided that they needed - not just a car seat - but two. I might have gleaned some solace from the event had I the belief that some child was being better protected in their ill gotten child safety restraint, but that bit of cheer is quickly snuffed out by the greed of taking both seats.

Now someone else has saved themselves a couple hundred dollars on safety restraints (which, by the way, qualified families can receive at no cost from several outlets) and I now struggle to balance the checkbook against the new seats and all the other things that money was dedicated for (new brakes, oil changes, pre-school tuition etc.)

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