Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go Vikings!

I heard on the radio today that my Alma Matter, Viewmont High School, has passed the first round of the State 5A Mens Basketball Finals with a 62-55 overtime win against Spanish Fork and advances to a quarterfinals match today against Brighton. I was lucky enough to see the Vikes take state while I was still attending (14 years ago, sheesh) so I'm a little stoked at the chance to see Viewmont go all the way again. Best of luck to the team and the throngs of adoring fans.

See the bracket and get the results on the UHSAA web site.

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JeepCruzer said...

Sadly Viewmont did not win their match with Brighton. The loss was sad, but it was fun to see them do so well. Congratulations to the team for their achievements.