Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Ten Commandments

If you could compile ten commandments for drivers what would they be? Take a minute and put together a "top ten" of driving etiquette. The Vatican did, and it got me thinking - what would I put on that list? Well here's my Ten Commandments for drivers:
I - Thou shalt not drive under the influence of any substance including alcohol, prescriptions, and even cold medicine if it effects you so.

II - Thou shalt not reign as judge of all drivers by traveling only the speed limit in the left lane.

III - Thou shalt not swerve left before turning right (and vice versa.)

IV - Thou shalt treat other drivers as if you'll sit next to them in church.

V - Thou shalt not occupy more than one parking stall nor park askew in that stall.

VI - Thou shalt restrain yourself, your children, and all others who occupy your vehicle with appropriate seat belts.

VII - Thou shalt start seeing motorcycles and give them the same respect afforded to any driver.

VIII - Thou shalt not block traffic entering the freeway.

IX - Thou shalt use thy turn signal.

X - Thou shalt hang up thy keys before becoming exceedingly old.
I compiled my list before reading the Vatican's just to see what I came up with. Some things are similar. The Vatican goes much deeper in the moral implications of driving responsibly and using a vehicle for legal and illegal purposes, but I'll let you read about that at your leisure. For now, I'd say that if everyone had 10 commandments of driving etiquette they'd be more likely to observe them and more likely to remember all the other important traffic laws that didn't make the list of 10 pet peeves.

I recommend you read the rest of the press release from the Vatican (as well as check out the Ferrari in Vatican City for the press conference yesterday) and take the lessons to heart, regardless of your religious allegiance.

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Zack said...

Add talking on cell phones, putting on make-up, and shaving to your first commandment, and I give you a hearty, though grotesquely deformed, three thumbs up.