Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Then Cook It Yourself!

If you've ever eaten a steak at a restaurant and said "I could've cooked it better than that" then the 8th Street Steakhouse in Steamboat Springs, CO is the restaurant for you. This was a completely unique eating experience for me and probably would be for most of you. You see, you don't order your food from a server, rather, you approach the buttcher counter, select your uncooked cut of meat and order a side dish (if desired) while that side dish is being prepared, you mosey over to the grill and cook up your steak yourself. A variety of spices and marinades are provided for you as well as sourdough and texas toast for grilling on the side. When you've broiled your favorite piece of beef or chicken to perfection, you help yourself to the complimentary salad bar, take your seat and soon your side dish will join you. Fascinating and fun way to take in a steak.

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