Friday, June 23, 2006

On The Ramp At KJAC

An American (above) and Delta 757 transfer passengers on the ramp at JAC (Jackson Hole, WY.) You'd think that after years of boarding regional jet's right off the ramp, being on the ground with C-5's, C-17's & B-52's and more than 40 hours of piloting helicopters that seeing or boarding an aircraft of any type from any place wouldn't be that amazing. However I found myself in awe of the spectacle of a 200 passenger jet roling to a stop a few hundred feet in front of me. Perhaps even more startling is the view that surrounds it. There are no hangers or terminals just open fields and the mountains that make up Grand Teton Nat'l Park in the background.

The fact that any large passenger aircraft can touchdown and liftoff on JAC's 6300 ft. runway is quite remarkable. As if aircraft on the ground weren't exciting enough the view of the Teton's passing by the window while shooting an approach to RWY 14 was almost magical. If you get a chance, take the short flight to Jackson Hole... and then take the next flight back out.

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