Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I can see clearly now.

I've needed to complete my FAA Medical Exam for a few weeks now. I've been puting it off till I could squeeze a few minutes out of my day. Besides I was in great health, I met all the requirements for a Class 2 certificate, what's the rush? Well turns out I didn't read the fine print as closely as I thought I did. I wasn't able to pass the exam as quickly as I thought. What do you think held me back? Eyesight of all things! Turn out the FAA requires 20/20 vision at distance. I had a measly 20/25. This means I need to wear glasses while I fly, a perscription that magnifies almost nothing, but does correct for a stigmatisim that makes things slightly blurry at distance and myself slightly nearsighted.

So I find myself picking out frames at a local optical outlet. Here are the two frames I finally settled on. I had the pair on the left for mere hours before my daughter had dropped them on the pavement and chipped them. Now they're being repaired and should be back together in about a week. Glad I opted for that extended warranty.

Now I've got my class 2 and school continues. One benneficial side effect the glasses have: I can read the small print on the board from the back row!

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