Thursday, November 24, 2005

A brew for you and a great steak too

My brother gave me a rather intrigueing gift for my birthday. He sent me to a local restraunt called "Red Rocks." At thier heart they're a brewery, and well known for thier micro's. Now I don't drink, but I've heard they're an excellent restraunt as well. We took the gift card out to test the theory. We were very much impressed. I had a New York (12oz) with the house potatoes (mashed potatos with horseradish mixed in) and it was an awesome meal. I'd recomend it to pretty much anyone. I hear they brew a really good Root Beer and Orange Creme soda too. In this photo Hannah and I are sitting in front of the brewing room awaiting our appetizer.

Goole Local's profile of Red Rock's
Official Red Rock Page

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