Tuesday, November 02, 2004

BNL fan no more.

OK, how do I reconcile this? The lead singer of my favorite band hates my politics:
Please, on Tuesday, no matter what state you live in, go and vote for John Kerry. Even if the lines are long. Even if the ballot is confusing. Even if you believe that your votes doesn’t count. Please vote for John Kerry.
From Surprise! It's October! submitted by Steve
I've always tried to ignore the personal beliefs and political orientation of celebrities I admire. However, I feel more strongly about who should lead this country, both presidentially and congressionaly, than I do about who's music I listen to. I'd rather give BNL the shove, than let them shove this vitriallic (read the rest of that blog post) propaganda down my throat and the throats of others from a podium that I helped create through the money I gave them.

Beyond that, I've got to say that it irks me that four Canadian citizens (I'm not sure if Jim is Canadian or American) tell me how much they hate the politics of a President that I admire. I don't think they realize that thier hatred of the icon of my ideals and belifes (at least in this election year) is insulting to me indricetly but just as poignantly.

I don't see why I would continute to follow and support a group of people who care so little about those who pay thier salary and even worship them. If they care so little about me, why should I care so much about them?

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