Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Great Ingram Adventure - Montreal: Day 6

A busy day as we try to squeeze in all of Montreal we can before leaving tomorrow. We returned to Mount Royal for some last minute geocahing and while driving there, saw Bill Clinton standing near his limo with video cameras running. Hannah jumped from the car in an attempt to get an autograph. As she neard the scene though, she discovered that the former president didn't look like himself, in fact, he didn't really look much like the former president. Rather he was a look-a-like filming a commercial.

Later we returned to the Parc du Olympique to check out the Bio-Dome. Housed in the former bicycling arena was a multi-climate home to the major ecosystems of the americas. Emma was especially taken by the penguins.

The evening was finished by the closing banquet soireee. We knew we were in for it when dinner started, not with salad, but with hour d'orves, venison patte to be exact. After getting over the initial shock, the rest of the meal proceeded smoothly. A midinight run to Wendy's can fix a lot of problems.

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