Friday, September 01, 2006

Air Force One at SLC

I've had a fascination with Air Force One for a number of years now, stemming of course from a fascination with large aircaft in gengeral. I was lucky enough to see it a couple times in Killeen, TX during presidential visits, but I'd never seen it fly (Other than from several miles away.) I was treated to an up close view of the aircaft in action during a recent Bush visit to Salt Lake City. The family and I drove out to SLC to watch the craft come in, listen to the radio exchanges and eventually stayed behind to watch the motorcade leave the airport. (Which was pretty cool, not only to observe the logistics but The President's car was illuminated inside and we could see his smiling and waving to the crowd as he passed. It was a neat experience to actually see The President of The U.S.A. Kind of electrifying.) The next day I drove out to the airport again to shoot some video of the 747 on the ramp at the ANG base and then to get video of the take off (again with the scanner running.)

Extended Coverage:
Coming soon:
  • Tape of Rado Exchange between AF1 and ATC
  • Photos

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