Saturday, March 11, 2006

Travel Light - That's Us!

After taking a short flight to Long Beach and back the topic of packing is fresh on my mind. Before packing for myself and a two year old, I could pack in a briefcase. A rollaboard was a mobile warehouse to me. Now a days I yearn for the times I only packed for myself and could travel with naught but my suitcase and backpack. For those of you who may have not yet captured the vision of traveling light or seek the enlightenment that will take you to these lofty heights, I offer this comprehensive, easy to understand and concise set of directions to traveling in a single suitcase I have yet read. And wouldn't you know it, it's a wikipedia eHow:
How to Travel With One Bag
For those of you who need more convincing as to the merits of light travel or seek in depth knowledge I submit to you a resource of limitless potential to the wanderlust afflicted:
Thanks to Doug Dyments recomendation I think I've found my new suitcase. My change in baggage preference is only the begining of the travel light ideas that now grace my knowledge base.

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